Saturday, June 20, 2009

Sunday Snippets – A Catholic Carnival

I don’t always write about religion per se, but you will find a little bit of faith built into everything I write about.

On Sunday I wrote about how Francie was forced to grow up too fast in Book Four of “A Tree Grows in Brooklyn”.

On Tuesday I wrote about the conclusion of “A Tree Grows in Brooklyn” and the importance of dealing with one’s family history.

On Wednesday I wrote about how my daughter’s losing softball team beat the undefeated team to proceed onto the championship.

On Thursday I wrote about a new newsletter called Devotional Catholicism

On Friday I wrote about my son’s recorder concert at school and about my kids’ “small successes” in playing ball.

For more Faith-Filled Posts please go to the Sunday Catholic Carnival over at This and That.

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Karinann said...

Thanks for posting about Devotional Catholicism-what a treasure!
Happy Sunday and a happy Father's Day to the Dads in your life.
God Bless!