Thursday, June 4, 2009

Small Successes: Spring Gardening Edition


This spring I have had more time and energy to start new gardening projects, not because I am less busy but because my toddler now will let me work and enjoys helping as well.

In March I built four small raised beds. On March 27, the kids each took ownership of one and planted one crop in each square. We have already eaten some of the spinach and it was the sweetest and best I ever tasted! Here are pictures of what they look like today:

Mommy and Two’s Scarlet Nantes Carrots

Twelve’s Straight Eight Cucumbers

Ten’s Calabrese Broccoli

Eight’s Correnta Hybrid Spinach

In May, my eldest daughter turned over a larger vegetable bed for me. We planted several types of seeds in there. So far, we have a few string bean plants that have germinated.

And I finally staked a large rose vine to an arbor over my gate. I used to have this growing up my house, but the staples and thorns were damaging the shingles. When I found this wire arbor at Family Dollar, I took it home and carefully roped the rose vine to both the arbor and the fence. I also gave it a few good feedings. This promises to be a real beauty this year.

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