Thursday, June 18, 2009

Devotional Catholicism

“Each month there are particular devotions and novenas for saint feast days. Devotional Catholicism is pleased to be able to present this information on their blog but we here at Devotional Catholicism also realize that sometimes you don’t get to your internet every day or you don’t follow the blogs religiously. That is why we are pleased to offer The Devotional Catholic, a monthly newsletter focusing on specific devotions for the month, helpful spiritual hints, and a blast from the past taking a look at the traditional devotions of the Church. In addition we offer all the novena prayers for that specific month. For the month of July, we are pleased to announce that we are allowing a free download of The Devotional Catholic.”
- from the new blog Devotional Catholicism

Go over to this post at Devotional Catholicism to download their July Newsletter for free! Please mention The Divine Gift of Motherhood if you subscribe – thank you!

Update 7/16/09

"Grettings Blogger Affiliates,

In the past week if you had visited our website you would have seen that we were offline. That was because Mathew and I were discerning the future of Devotional Catholicism. Our attempt to launch a Catholic periodical at this time failed, in the few weeks that we had promoted it and even purchased advertising, the number of subscriptions were not meeting our very low quotoa that we had established. Realizing the amount of work each issue took, we were unable to proceed with that type of apostolate for Devotional Catholicism at this time. However, by no means does this not mean Devotional Catholicism will not one day publish a monthly periodical, it just means that we are simply waiting for when there is a need for this specific apostolate.

However, after much discernment, we have decided to continue with Devotional Catholicism. However, there is a new direction for the apostalate. Instead of providing a monthly devotional periodical, we will providing a devotional blog and a devotional website. I have clear vision for where I wish to take this apostlate because I feel I have alligned it with the will of God. This is an exciting time for this apostoalte. Now more than ever, our devotional content for devotional readers is needed! Given our times, not only economically but given the moral demise of our times, there will come a point and time when people will hit rock bottom and they will have no where else to turn but to the Church and her ancient devotions. will be there for them when they need it.

In the next few weeks we will be launching a new Catholic website and really taking our apostalate to a new level. I, Damien Joseph will remain the founder and overseer of the apostlate and Matthew will be a Traditional Catholicism contributor, but we are opening the apostolate to contributors who will assist in providing devotional content for devotional readers. We have a few positions that are still open, right now we have had interested exhibited in the saints and novena contributor position, but there remain other available options. If you would like to become a contributor to this new apostolate let me know and we would be glad to welcome you aboard.

In the end, this email serves as an update. We no longer are doing a "blogger affiliate" program per se, since there is no product we are selling. I did feel that you should be aware of where this new apostolate is heading.

To Jesus Through Mary,

Damien Joseph"


Damien Joseph said...

Thank you for the post! May God bless your Internet apostolate.

RAnn said...

Thanks for telling us about this site. Thanks too for participating in Sunday Snippets

Lisa@UnexpectedJourney said...

Thanks for the information about this site. I've taken a look and I think I'm going to enjoy it.