Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Oreo the Cat: A Guest Post by Bear

My people have been watching a cat for our neighbor for several days now. Her name is Oreo. I used to really dislike this cat intensely but we have gotten used to each other now, and I guess she is okay.

When we first met, I used to bark at her all the time. When her family went away for Thanksgiving that first year before our littlest person was born, she came over here and ate my dog food. I tried to say hello and she scratched me. Then my mom got mad at her and chased her away. But her family is really nice and they have turned her into a friendly cat.

Oreo was not supposed to be living over here. The biggest girl is supposed to bring the food and water over to Oreo’s house. But she misses her family and comes over looking for company. It has taken to sleeping on a chair on my deck.

The littlest girl really loves Oreo. She chases it saying, “Kitty Cat! Come here!” Oreo seems to really like all the attention and will go to anyone for petting. When my mom tried to take this picture, she kept jumping off the chair and coming over to my mom and rubbing against her legs.

“Please Oreo, you know I like you but I’m allergic to you,” my mom said. Her eyes have been watering and she has been sneezing quite a bit lately.

I don’t really mind sharing the attention with Oreo. We get along pretty well now. I don’t like it when they follow her into the front yard though because I can’t go. Oreo can squeeze under a broken picket in our fence. When I was a puppy I was able to do this, but now I am way too big. It’s just not fair.

I wonder if she is here to stay or if she will ever go home? I hope she comes back to visit but I think I would prefer if she didn’t stay forever.

Bear Midnight Miller


Hell Hound said...

She ATE your dog food?! Oh, Lover Bear, This behavior breaks the Cat/Dog Treaty of 1978. I will phone PETA immediately.
Hell Hound

Bear Midnight Miller said...

It gets worse than that. The robins around here like my food too! My mom thought it would be safer keeping my food outside so the littlest person would not choke on it. But it turned out not to work so well. This week the littlest person ate the cat food which was outside. I wouldn't touch the stuff - and I eat almost anything.