Monday, May 25, 2009

Bathing Suit Shopping!

Bathing suit shopping gave me enough incentive to get up early and do some really heavy duty yardwork. I don’t know why I still look in the store mirror and picture myself in the same suit ten years ago. Actually, I prefer myself with my more womanly figure than how I looked when I was much thinner. I am strong and healthy. I don’t want to look like a kid.

It took several tries, but I finally found one that I felt flattered me. My daughters gave the okay, which clinched the deal. Later, my husband would also approve, so I think my choice was a good one.

Shopping with two pre-teens is a real scream. They each took a dozen different style suits (all pre-approved by me) in a few sizes each. I first directed them to the Speedo rack, where all suits were one-piece racers. Then I allowed them to try a select few styles that were two-piece but with one-piece coverage.

One of the store employees saw my girls loading up their arms with suits and asked them if they were going to try them on. I said “yes” for them, and she said, “You’re only allowed to try on five items at a time.” I said, “We are very courteous about putting things away.” She restated herself, “Okay, just remember only five items.”

The fitting rooms were not supervised, so I allowed them to take all their suits in. To make up for our disobedience, I cleaned up the mess that others had left behind. I really cannot believe the inconsideration of women who throw their clothes on the floor, sometimes inside-out. I restored dozens of items to their proper hangers and placed them on the rack outside the door. When the doors closed at 9:00, I hope the employees were happy to find at least one fitting room that was in decent order.

Memorial Day was a beautiful one. After a bike ride and all the yard work, my husband and I took off and cleaned off the pool cover and got the pool pump running. In the meantime, the kids were all happy as ducks in their kiddie pool. Once all the work was done, I put on my new suit and soaked in the sun.

After dinner, we did some more shopping. My daughter made out like a bandit for her birthday and decided to spend it all on new softball gear. I was pleased at this decision. (“For where your treasure is, there is your heart also,” it says in Matthew.) Twelve’s little ten-year-old sister tagged along to help with the decision-making.

Once we got home, everything was taken out and labeled with a Sharpie. We’re a little late getting to bed on a school night. After several days off, it almost feels like they should be home for the summer now.

Happy Memorial Day!


Loren Christie said...

I'm glad you found a suit! Now we can take the kids to the beach together.

Elizabeth Kathryn Gerold-Miller said...

I can't wait!