Thursday, May 7, 2009

Bristol Palin is now Preaching Abstinence

Several weeks back, Bristol Palin did an interview with Greta Sustern of Fox News. She said then that, while she thought abstinence was a good thing to teach, it was not practical. Now that her relationship with her then-fiance is over, she is witnessing to teens that abstinence is the only way to completely prevent pregnancy. Her ex-boyfriend, on the other hand, is going around saying that contraception should be taught because abstinence is not practical.

Why the change of heart on Bristol’s part? I try to put myself in her shoes before and after the breakup. First, although their life plans have completely changed, they had made a commitment to each other to start their family with the unity of a Christian marriage. So, although they had made a mistake, they had convinced themselves that things would work out. After, regardless of who initiated the break-up, I can imagine thinking, “After all I gave up, and now it’s over. I should never have given into temptation.”

When Adam and Eve came together, their flesh became one. Teens aren’t taught that in their secular sex education courses. They are told that sex is fun, and that you can separate yourself from the actions your body is taking. Parents need to work double-time to counteract the dangerous effects of these ideas. “Theology of the Body for Teens” is now available to be taught in your parish. Do some research and see what ideas you can take from it.


Mr. Norman Whiskers said...

It will probably be difficult for their baby to hear both messages of his parents when he grows up. It's frustrating that pregnancy is not viewed as being sacred. It's not that I want to just be right about being pro-life, but the world would be so much better if people valued human life from its beginning, and viewed it as a great gift. I wish Bristol would say that sex belongs in marriage because it is that holy, and because discipline/restraint strengthens the bond between two people who think they are in love. said...

Oops, that was a serious comment Elizabeth, I just forgot I was still logged on as a cat. :)

Leticia said...

I am of two minds on this. While is is valuable to have a witness who says, "boy did I mess up, don't do what I did!" Bristol has a pretty easy life, publicity, babysitting available, and a beautiful smile which practically assures her future will be much better than the average teenager who has a baby.
Theology of the Body for Teens is great, I watched it and recommend it highly.