Friday, September 4, 2009

Feasting or Fasting?

“Jesus answered them, "Can you make the wedding guests fast while the bridegroom is with them?” ”
- Luke 5:34

Jesus’ disciples were being criticized for partaking in food and drink, while other religious groups were publicly fasting and praying. Jesus responded by comparing His presence with the disciples, to a groom celebrating with his groomsmen. There is a time for prayer and fasting, and a time for feasting and celebration. When we fellowship with others, we are supposed to participate fully in each other. If we are making a personal fast, it is okay to temporarily suspend that in order to share a meal with our neighbor, in whom Jesus dwells. On the other hand, if your neighbor feels it is important to keep his fast, you must respect that, rather than acting as a stumbling block for his faith. The commandment to love one another trumps all other rules we make for ourselves.

Prayer: Please help me to remember to put love above adherence to rules.

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The Miraculous Drought of Fishes by Joachim Beuckelaer
Netherlandish, Antwerp, 1563
Oil on panel

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