Friday, April 10, 2009

Hungarian Cookies

This is our version of “Non Plus Ultra”. We turned them into miniature sandwich cookies. The entire original family recipe appears in the classic by George Lang (1971), “The Cuisine of Hungary” (Crown Publishers, Inc., New York).

This is a multi-step recipe. First you cook the cookies for 15 minutes. Then coat one side with meringue and let them sit in the hot oven to dry for 30 minutes. Then you put the jam on the uncoated side and make the sandwiches.

In the family recipe by George Lang, you would cut out 2-inch cookies, then cut out a 1-inch hole in half of them. The whole cookie would go on the bottom, then the jam, with the disc on top so that the jam shows through the middle. You can use any kind of jam. We used strawberry.

I made the batter and meringue and my 11-year-old daughter did the rest of the work, to bring in to school as samples of Hungarian cuisine. The reason we made them so small is we had run out of eggs and could not make more batter!

My daughter saved me one. It was so flaky and moist that it melted in my mouth! If they didn’t take all day to make I’d make them everyday!

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Lisa@UnexpectedJourney said...

These cookies look yummy! My husband is of Hungarian heritage and if he wasn't allergic to eggs, he' probably love them!
Have a wonderful Easter Day!