Sunday, April 26, 2009

A Guest Post by Bear Midnight Miller

Today was a horrible, terrible, no-good, hot dog day afternoon. The worst possible thing that ever happens to me, happened. My people caught me, hosed me down with cold water, scrubbed me with baby shampoo, and then tied me up on the deck so I couldn’t go roll in the dirt. My mom didn’t participate in it but she was complicit to some degree. She felt sorry for me and tried to give me a treat but I was so upset I wouldn’t take it. I knew there was no sense in crying to the others so every time I saw her look at me I cried. I knew she wanted to untie me. I smelled a really good chicken smell coming out of the house and had to sit outside while all my people ate. Then my mom brought me out some really good fatty skin and I ate it. Then the really little girl brought me some treats and kept me company for a while. Finally the biggest girl came out and untied me. When it was all over all the kids ran around with me outside for a while and I forgave them, but I can’t forget. The good news is this probably won’t happen again for a really long time, but I will be on my guard whenever the hose comes near.

This picture is from August 2006. The children built a Little People town around Bear while she was sleeping. When she woke up they pretended she was a monster in the middle of their town.


Karen said...

Poor Guy! People just don't appreciate that wonderful dog smell that I'm sure you spent so much time perfecting. Our four-footed friend Oscar would commiserate with you.

Hell Hound said...

How did I miss this post? I was looking for it. Bear, this incident is proof of your people's cleanliness extremism. Join me in my PETA membership and together we will overcome oppression!