Monday, March 24, 2008

Trembling Before the Cross

[I am a few days off schedule with my blogging due to an unfortunate computer virus I contracted over the weekend. The upside is I finally ordered DSL and virus protection! I wrote this post prior to my internet problem.]

On Good Friday, I was able to leave the children at home with my little brother and attend Mass by myself, for the first time in perhaps over a decade.

I was able to pick up the reading and really let the words sink in.

Last year, there was a large wooden cross, before which you would genuflect or kneel briefly, then be on your way. Today the altar server held a medium-size crucifix. I saw the people ahead of me all bend and kiss it.

I started to get nervous about kissing the crucifix. It seemed to me so much more weighty an act then kneeling before a plain wooden cross.

As I approached, my entire body started to tremble, and my eyes filled with tears.

I kind of kissed it with my nose, so as not to get lipstick on the cross, and went back to my seat with tears streaming down my face.

Happily, I did have one tissue in my pocketbook, and was able to pull myself together before receiving Communion.

I took the Host and felt my entire self fill with its Wholeness.

It was a blessing I will not soon forget.

Hallelujah! He is Risen!

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