Thursday, March 20, 2008

Things We Found in the Freezer

My little brother arrived today and we immediately launched into a frenzy of Easter activity. We colored eggs and made chocolates. Some of the molds were from our childhood home when the entire family lived on Long Island.

As we shifted things around the freezer to prop up the cooling chocolates, we found some interesting items.

1. A snow bunny. About 8 inches high, my nine-year-old had created this from our one good snow and put it in the freezer for preservation.

2. A tooth in frozen milk. When above-mentioned child lost a tooth and we were uncertain as to whether it was a baby tooth or adult tooth, I hastily put the tooth into a small container of milk and stuck it in the freezer – just in case.

3. A small container of dead fish. When some aquarium fish died over the winter, we put them into a container so that we could later bury them, when the ground was unfrozen.

We all had a good long laugh. The items are still in the freezer. They will still be good for another laugh at a later date.

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