Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A Poem for my Firstborn (1997)

Unblinking brilliant blues
Sparkle with joy
And green, lively hues.
Happy, friendly, never coy,
Your arms outstretched
And ready for play.
This picture of you is etched
In my mind night and day.
You stretch your strong legs,
Clenching your little fists.
You laugh as the puppy begs,
And giggle as she finally sits.
You look for your adoring Dad,
And smile when he comes near.
You seem never to be sad,
My sweet little baby dear.

Elizabeth Kathryn Miller, 1997


Alice Gunther said...

Absolutely lovely!

Mr. Norman Whiskers said...

The poem is quite beautiful, but the dog, I'm afraid must be edited out.