Monday, November 3, 2008

So You Call that Fasting?

When you see the meal I prepared for dinner tonight after I told you I would be fasting and praying for the election, you might say, “So you call that fasting?”

Catholic rules for fasting are very well laid out, and allow for one to have two square meals. They are even allowed to be delicious! Meat and dessert are forbidden on fasting days. I usually make fish, which I love, and subsequently I hardly feel like I gave up anything. (Until later, when I normally would have dessert.) For the kids, I will make a dessert that I don’t like. Tonight I made “Funfetti” cake from a mix. As I am what my husband calls a “cake snob”, only enjoying angel or chocolate cakes made from scratch, this is not a temptation for me.

Tonight we had salmon, rice with onions, steamed organic broccoli, and salad with my own homemade dressing. This vinaigrette is loaded with so many healthy fats and proteins that it could qualify as a meal in itself. This also helps in maintaining a fast, as you remain satisfied for much longer.

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