Sunday, November 9, 2008


Meet Lucky, our new adopted rabbit. He is a dwarf rabbit, about five years old. Our children are so happy to have a new rabbit to love!

I thought Lucky was such an apt name in so many respects. I found him online just 11 minutes after his owner had posted him, the night after Peach died. Our kids were so distraught that I knew they needed someone else to fill that new void in their hearts.

The family took about a week to decide that we were the ones; they said they had a “gut” feeling about our email. They brought him over to our house today and said they no longer felt they had to worry about him. He was welcomed by all the children, and Bear as well.

He came with a cage that can easily be carried in and out of the house. We will keep him mainly indoors, but bring him outside with us during good weather. His previous owner had also given him vegetable scraps, so we can continue that practice. I had felt sad every time I threw away the pieces people find inedible but that Peach had loved to nibble on.

“Bunny!” my two-year-old announced as soon as the family had gotten out of their car with Lucky. They knew right away that they had found the perfect new “Home for a Bunny”.

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Loren Christie said...

Welcome Lucky! Do you blog?