Thursday, October 23, 2008

Random Confessions of a Little Girl

My little one was off and running during every softball game last season. At one field, there was a huge jungle gym of sorts, off-limits except during the gym period at the junior high school. A sign said to keep off unless under official supervision, but we went on it anyway, rolling balls up and down the ramp.

Two little girls joined us, a few games in a row. I wondered which mom they belonged to. One told me she was five, the other six. They told me about their big sister, who went to the high school, and their other big sister, who went to the junior high school. Once I actually saw them. They looked like nice girls.

One day the littlest girl kept scratching her rear end. After she had been playing catch with my son and holding hands with my daughter, she told me she had an infection. “You should really keep your gloves on, then,” I said. (“Ooh”, I’m thinking, saying a prayer to chase infectious germs away.)

The second littlest left her notebook open – right in front of me, mind you - so I could see. When her back is turned, I read the freshly written page, which is face up.

Dear Daddy
I love you and Im not really mad at ziggy I just miss you cuz I wish you still lived at home with us and not with her
Love me

Now I am thinking, no wonder I never see their mom. She’s raising four sweet girls all on her own because of this rotten father who abandoned them. My heart is breaking for them and I wish I could make it better but I can’t. I wonder why me? Why did she leave her notebook out for me to see? So she could be heard by someone? So I could pray for her? So I could be thankful for what I have at home?

Maybe all of the above.

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Loren Christie said...

It's hard not to judge parents when you make sacrifices for your children, and try so hard to parent in a way that you believe is right. It's frustrating, but in a way it reminds you of how blessed you are. Also, you're in a stable position to help others through prayer and good wishes.:)