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UNICEF: Trick or Treat?

"Tuesday June 20, 2006

Abortion-Pushing UNICEF Back for Hallowe’en – Whole Month of October new Collection Drive

By Hilary White

TORONTO, June 20, 2006 ( – At the end of May, reported that the United Nations International Children’s’ Fund (UNICEF) announced that it would be ending its annual Hallowe’en collection drive. The UNICEF spokesman, Evelyne Guindon, said that the collection of coins by school children that had been a feature of Canadian life for five decades was costing more money than it was worth, but that “alternatives” were being considered.

Now UNICEF Canada is coming back with “Trick or Treat for UNICEF,” a program for schools to encourage children to become involved in the abortion-promoting group.

UNICEF Canada’s website says, “Our vision is to build an enhanced partnership with schools and provide more meaningful participation and educational opportunities for children.”

The plan is to extend the fundraising through the schools for the entire month of October. “Instead of students collecting change in the UNICEF box on Halloween night, schools will receive fundraising kits that can be used anytime during the month of October.”

Pro-life advocates have campaigned for years against the organization’s dedication to the abortion philosophy, calling on them to return to their original vision. In 2002, Joe Woodard writing in the Calgary Herald, revealed that the organization had been transformed into just another branch office for the anti-life and anti-family policies of the UN.

Woodard wrote, “This trend was codified in the 1998 declaration in Geneva of a partnership of the Children's Fund, World Health Organization and UN Fund for Population Activities (UNFPA). That partnership -- the Co-ordinating Committee on Health -- aligned UNICEF with UNFPA's major partner agency, International Planned Parenthood, which ranks second only to the Chinese government in the volume of abortions it provides.”

In the years following the Second World War, the group was founded to bring much needed material aid to children, including the thousands of orphans left destitute after the war. But since the 1970’s UNICEF has shifted its focus to promote the UN's population control agenda, including abortion and contraceptives for children and young people, and sex education under the auspices of "family planning" and "reproductive rights."

In 1997, the Catholic School board of Toronto discontinued its support for UNICEF and Campaign Life Coalition convinced a number of Toronto's Catholic schools to introduce a similar box to collect funds for a local women's crisis pregnancy centre, Aid to Women.

In 1996, the Vatican announced that because of UNICEF’s abortion advocacy, it would cancel its token $2000 annual donation to the organization.

Some pro-life and pro-family international aid organizations assisting mothers and children in the developing world include:

MaterCare International

MaterCare International
8 Riverview Avenue
St. John's, Newfoundland
Canada A1C 2S5
Phone: 709-579-6472
Fax: 709- 579-6501

Canadian Food for Children
3218 - 224 Street, Langley, B.C. V2Z 2G8
Phone: 604-534-4544

Aid to the Church in Need

Bischof-Kindermann-Str. 23
D-61462 Königstein im Taunus
Tel.: 06174 291-0
Fax: 06174 3423

Pro-life supporters looking for a home for their donations can also send assistance to directly through our website:

To contact UNICEF Canada with your concerns:

Canada Square
2200 Yonge Street, Suite 1100
Toronto, ON M4S 2C6
Telephone +1 416 482 4444
Fax +1 416 482 8035

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Anonymous said...

Check your facts please:
UNICEF does not support or take part in condom distribution, but does promote healthy living and offers pregnant women anti-viral drugs so that their babies can be born healthy!

Furthermore- the Trick or TREAT for UNICEF campaign funds the Schools for Africa Program, which builds schools and water wells, as well as brings pencils and note books to children in need.

As a christian, I can't think of a better and more powerful body of caring people bringing change to the lives of millions of children in need.

Hardly the devil you seem to claim they are!

Elizabeth Kathryn Gerold-Miller said...

Thank you for commenting. You will have to go to the source of the pamphlet discussed below. Here is some information from
I quote:
"The pamphlet, UNICEF: Guilty as charged, by CLC's Winifride Prestwich and published by Life Ethics Centre, likely played a major role in the Vatican's crucial 1996 decision. The well researched and thoroughly documented report was personally given to a senior Vatican UN representative. The Vatican decision followed sometime afterwards."

Here is a report from Lifesite News Sept 2003
I quote:
"New report details unicef support
for abortion, radical politics:
A major new study just released by the New York-based International Organizations Research Group (IORG) reports in great detail the gradual change of the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) from a child survival agency to one that promotes aspects of radical feminism.
Produced by the International Organization Research Group, an arm of the Catholic Family and Human Rights Institute (C-FAM), the study is entitled "UNICEF, Women or Children First?"
The paper establishes that UNICEF has endorsed, even helped to write, numerous documents that call for increased access to abortion, as well as for the legalization of abortion. It was also discovered that UNICEF has funded programs that may have included abortion services. UNICEF funded a program run by the Population Council, the group that holds the US patent for the abortion pill RU-486. In 1997 the UN released a handbook for emergency workers in refugee situations that urges the use of abortion-causing "emergency contraception" and also the use of a portable device called the manual vacuum aspirator that can be used for performing abortions in refugee tents.
UNICEF is also a financial supporter of a South African non-governmental organization, loveLife (sic) that actively promotes abortion to its mostly underage audience. The loveLife website directs its teenage audience to the abortion provider Marie Stopes International and goes on to say that no one, including parents, can stop a teenager from getting an abortion. LoveLife also encourages experimental sexual practices including homosexuality.
The report recounts how UNICEF abandoned its traditional approach to sexual education, training in abstinence and fidelity, and replaced it with graphic sexual education programs coupled with condom distribution. It is now official UNICEF policy to "Promote and expand access to sexual and reproductive health services, including access to condoms." At a June, 2003 meeting, a high-ranking UNICEF official even called for UNICEF "to make condoms available and accessible for everybody, everywhere and at all times. Abstinence is simply not a realistic option for most young people in the world today."
C-FAM has called for an international campaign of citizens and political leaders to bring UNICEF back to its main mission, which is child survival. "UNICEF has been too important to lose to this radical ideology," said C-FAM Vice-President Douglas A. Sylva, who is also author of the new report. "UNICEF has a reputation to protect and lots of employees who want it to return to its original mission. We have heard from many of them."