Sunday, November 18, 2007

A Day Out with Dad

Today my husband took the children to his mother’s house while I painted the children’s bathroom. It has cathedral ceilings, so quite a large proportion of working time is spent moving the ladder around.

I was working for a full hour in absolute silence, when I dropped my edging brush from the top of the ladder. It fell twelve feet down and hit the bathtub with a resounding CLANG. I reacted, thinking, “Ooh, I hope that didn’t wake up the baby!”

I am so used to doing this sort of work during her naptime, enjoying the solitude and silence, that I had completely forgotten she was not at home! This was quite an odd experience for me.

I could play music! I could play it as loud as I wanted! I ran downstairs to select some fun working music. I turned the volume up so I could hear it way up at the top of the house.

I played three CDs and returned to the quiet. Quiet work is soothing to the soul. I can think my thoughts and pray unceasingly and maybe even hear a word the Lord has for me at the moment.

Several hours later, I had just finished cleaning up when the husband and kids came through the door. They had had a terrific day. They even went to their uncles’ hockey game. They got to stay out late and play video games at the sports complex. They were dirty and smelly and all smiley. A day with dad certainly agreed with them!

“Be still and know that I am God.”
Psalms 46:10


Chris said...

I am so glad that the entire clan had a great day! I love that the kids had daddy time, and that you had YOU time.

I find that I struggle with making time for myself and give it all to others, but when I take time for me then my time for others and ministry becomes so much more fulfilling!

I hope you have a great THANKSGIVING! and Thank you for being such a great big sister for Joanna!

Joanna said...

I am so blessed to hear of what a wonderful day you had for yourself. You deserve to have those every so often. You know? I wish I were closer so you could have them more often. Miss you!