Monday, August 11, 2008

Pampers not Pro-Life

Those of you who watch television might have seen the Pampers commercial touting its alliance with the abortion-advocating, International Planned Parenthood-allied UNICEF (I wrote on this prior to last Halloween). One box of Pampers = one vaccine to a child in an underdeveloped nation. I have yet to look into what type of vaccines are being used. (See Leticia’s posts where she advocates vaccines completely developed from lines without the use of embryonic cells.) However, the next time I shopped for Pampers, I was automatically looking for the green box with size 4 on it. I have been using Pampers for many years now. They did not have the size I needed, and I was given pause when I saw another size box with the sponsorship for UNICEF now advertised in bold on the box. I begrudgingly grabbed a box of LUVS, which I am not at all happy with, and will try Huggies next time. It strikes me as so contradictory that a company that sells baby products would contribute to a group with anti-life philosophy. After all, they would have so many more bottoms to cover if more babies were born. But then we always knew Lucifer comes as an Angel of Light, didn’t we? Ignorance is bliss when we go shopping, but it can be a real headache once you are armed with a little bit of knowledge. It would be so much easier for us if Pro-life companies formed an alliance with a universal symbol indicating this.


Leticia said...

Elizabeth, I am old enough to remember when Nestle was pushing their powdered baby formula to poor women in Africa, where it was mixed with their impure water, leading to the death of thousands of babies who could have safely breastfed.
Unfortunately, no company no matter how skillful their public image deserves our trust anymore.
That makes shopping a real nightmare!

Loren Christie said...

Oh no! Pampers is the only diaper that works for "Baby Big Foot." This is so underhanded and hypocritical for pro-choice corporations to link with diaper companies. I'll use something else. -Loren

Daily Grace said...

Thank you for this important information. Maybe you could re-post this from time to time so others pass the message on.

God Bless