Sunday, July 6, 2008

To Be A Woman of Leisure

A famous female writer once wrote something that I never forgot. I believe it may have been Virginia Wolf, but I was unable to find it in my thesaurus of quotations. She said that in order for a woman to be a successful writer, she had to be a woman of leisure.

In other words, she needed to have the time to write.

As I go about my daily business, my head is springing with ideas about things I want to put on paper. In these hectic first days of summer, I barely have time to sit until after midnight.

Ah, if only I had more time to write!

But then, I wonder, if I had nothing to do, would I have anything to write about?

Painting Above: Mary Cassatt, Woman Reading in a Garden, 1880; Art Institute of Chicago

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Soul Pockets said...

Your statement is so true. The key I guess would be to find a happy medium.