Saturday, January 12, 2008

A Shower of Happiness

Today my daughters and I attended a baby shower for my sister-in-law. It was in a very classy restaurant, which was well-attended by about sixty friends and family members.

I am astounded by all the wonderful new products that have come out, many that are helpful for attachment parenting, including: slings, co-sleepers, and breast pumps (which I believe help Mom to be attached to Baby in a physical way even while at work).

It took several vans to load up the presents to be taken to the mother-to-be’s home. I remarked to the father-to-be, “All this for one little person!”

I think of Jesus, who was brought into this world with nothing but swaddling clothes. Not even a crib in which to rest. I do believe we can think of Mary’s situation with humility and be all the more thankful for the modern comforts we are afforded.

Pictured above are the white chocolate lollipops I made for the shower favor. The details are made from colored white chocolate wafers. I tried out the new squeeze tubes for drawing on the colors. In the end, the tubes melted and I wound up using my old tried-and-true method of using a paint brush. For the last few dozen, I ran out of time and just filled the molds with white chocolate. These looked nice also, and tasted great. By the way, white chocolate is not really chocolate.

Please take a moment to say a prayer for Baby, who is due Feb. 22.

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Leticia said...

I know what you mean, Elizabeth, taking care of the baby is the easy part, the tough part is learning how the equipment works!My favorite accessory was my sling.
How could I not pray for a precious new baby, due on my sixteenth wedding anniversary!