Friday, September 28, 2007

A Child is Born

In print for four decades, A Child is Born, by Lennart Nilsson, is a work of science, art, and beauty. Using pioneering techniques in microphotography, Nilsson was able to show the world what life looked like from conception to birth.

His images have since been widely used by anti-abortion activists.
The 4th edition, coauthored by Lars Hamberger, includes additional photographs with new-and-improved ability to see inside the womb . I used this edition to show my daughters how their little sister was developing. The extremely detailed text allowed me to go into as much or as little detail as they desired.

Also from Nilsson is the 1983 documentary Miracle of Life, which WGBH calls the "most popular NOVA of all time." You could, of course, watch the sequel, 2001 Life's Greatest Miracle, online for free. You can also read a NOVA interview with Nilsson on his techniques and other projects.

Today is Day Three of the Forty Days for Life Campaign.

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Kaety TwoBirds said...

Thanks for the links! I loved that book when I was pregnant with my children. The other thing is I got a kick out of your name - my maiden name is Kathryn Miller! :)
... and as a kid, I always pestered my mother to change my middle name to Elizabeth! I even used to write it as such because I loved it so much.