Monday, August 13, 2007

Ten Months

One –
A glimmer of uncertainty
A shadow of hope
A secret that is too hard to keep
An idea stirs of mystery deep

Two –
Medical science confirms
The answer is concrete
Appetite ebbs like the tide
This truth that cannot be denied

Three –
Practicality comes to call
With all its earthly concerns
Congratulatory calls and notes
Come as Grandmother gloats

Four –
Energy abounds
As life stirs amazingly within
Friends say that you have a glow
As your tummy begins to grow

Five –
Proudly you walk
At pregnancy’s peak
Your curves bring sly smiles
As you pass through subway turn-styles

Six –
You fall in love
With a sonar image
And crave chocolate malts
As she turns somersaults

Seven –
You start counting weeks
Until the great day
You can hardly wait
For that confinement date

Eight –
Sleep evades
As he kicks all night
Your extra pounds
Make you waddle around

Nine –
Excitement and anxiety
Both ebb and wane
Stares and questions abound
Yes – you’re still around!

Ten –
A beautiful babe
Cradles in your arms
Looks at you in awe
A greater love you never saw!

"Ten Months" by Elizabeth Kathryn Miller, 2006
Picture of me at 8 months, June 2006


Joanna said...

This is so creative and beautiful! I love your descriptions of the beauty of motherhood. So exciting!!

bettyl said...

That is truly a marvelous description! Thanks so much for sharing on BPOTW!